3D Skyrocket Live Wallpaper – Android App Review

This fourth of July, we right here at AAR decided to join in on the festive mood. What better way to celebrate our usa’s birthday to your phone than to shoot fireworks from it? No, we’re now not suggesting you strap handful of bottle rockets for your Android phone and set it up with the kickstand and the digicam rolling. That might be humorous although.

Today we carry you a evaluate on one of the satisfactory stay wallpapers available on the market. 3-D Skyrocket. For those of you unfamiliar with the wallpaper, it is a live wallpaper that brightens up your homescreens with coloured fireworks.

3-d Skyrocket stands out from other fireworks wallpapers due to the fact is makes use of Open GL for the visuals. For the ones of you unexpected with Open GL, it is a toolkit that cellular gamers had been moving closer to for the final couple years. It’s foremost purpose is to bring apps and video games to life using three-D engines. What does this mean for you and this app? It means three-D skyrocket is one of the maximum (if now not THE maximum) realistic fireworks wallpapers out there. And if you look around, there are quite some of them.

First of all, in case you’re going to do something like fireworks FNaF 6 Pizzeria Simulator Mod APK , you had higher “cross big, or pass domestic”. There are too many other fireworks wallpapers accessible to simply make a crappy fireworks wallpaper and anticipate it to get famous. The Go Wallpaper Dev Team saw this, observed that there has been already a flood of those wallpapers, and boy did they go massive. When I first noticed this app, I notion, “Great, every other fireworks wallpaper.” But only for kicks, I clicked on it, and the pix seemed pretty true. The Market evaluations were exceptional additionally so I notion I’d give it a whirl. I wasn’t upset, as neither ought to you be.

What I Like About This App

This wallpaper is high-quality for lots motives. First, the point of view of the fireworks is constantly converting. This is what makes it 3-D. The digital camera is always panning and zooming, supplying you with a real-time view of the fireworks from all angles. You can simply see the flow of smoke trailing the firework as it climbs high into the sky.

Many fireworks wallpapers have simply one sort of firework; The basic sphere shaped burst, and it commonly is best in strong colorations. Not three-D Skyrocket. This component shoots all the different sorts available. You’ve were given the same old fireworks at the side of the 2-coloration bursts, supernovas, halos, glowing fountains and plenty greater. Skyrocket also shows cloud degrees in addition to the celebs, which in reality makes it look as real because it gets.

What Could Be Better

While Skyrocket is one of the most visually attractive live wallpapers accessible, it lacks fairly in customization. Most different fireworks wallpapers permit the colours and frequencies to be adjusted. While this is a minor gripe, it nonetheless could be first-class to set the frequency to “first-rate-ridiculous-overload-your-photos-processor” high and watch the grand finale shine so vibrant you have to turn your cellphone’s brightness down. Also, at the same time as I failed to revel in it lots, there had been more than one proceedings from paying clients that the entire model has a few performance issues. The most common court cases were freezing or blank display screen issues. Hopefully the Go Wallpaper Dev Team is working in this.


Even with its minor flaws, three-D Skyrocket is without difficulty the exceptional fireworks wallpaper at the Android Market. It is stunning, revolutionary and captivating. While a wallpaper like this may drain your battery fast, it is to be predicted thinking about it’s miles a stay wallpaper in addition to one that features a number of the first-rate pictures to this point.