How Good Is The Oneplus Nord CE Camera?

Oneplus has made its name as a pioneer in the mobile industry for combining cutting edge technology with ultimate affordability and providing all the good that comes along with it. This company is also known to provide excellent customer support and service to suit all requirements from the first time user right through to the last sale. Again, another unique feature of this handset is its use of an Android operating system – an award winning move by the likes of HTC and Samsung. Again, Oneplus has come up with another innovative technology of its time and recently launched a highly affordable and sophisticated smartphone model that definitely gives amazing specs at a very affordable price!

The Oneplus Nord CE is equipped with oneplus nord ce a 5.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen along with a large, 5 MP camera on the back, besides which comes a generous memory capacity of either 3GB or 4GB depending on the variants you buy. In terms of looks, this phone has a dual tone LCD display with no fonts to speak of and no home button. However, the beauty of this handset lies not in its looks, but in the features it comes with! It comes with a high definition video camera with optical image stabilization, front facing and rear cameras, a fingerprint sensor, a large barcode scanner, a fast charging port, a speaker phone jack, a dual USB port, and a Bluetooth 2.1. What more can you ask for in a smartphone?

Like many other handsets, the Oneplus has Android interface which allows you to run almost all applications on it. However, it comes with an alternative application called Ambiance Gallery where you can browse and upload pictures, and a music player. It gives the impression that your smartphone has some of your favorite social media tools preinstalled, which makes it a nice companion for those who love using different applications on their phone.

The multi functional Oneplus Nord CE gives you a number of options to make the most out of your phone. You can access your email, browse the internet, check your Facebook updates, play games, check your IMs, manage your appointments, and even connect to your LinkedIn profile. Oneplus has an innovative “selfie camera” feature where you can take an image of yourself and post it on the social media platform via the ” selfies” option present on the phone. The selfies option is only available in selected markets like Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong. This handset also comes with the image editing software, which allows you to edit any image or photo with ease and provide you with the best results.

The multi functional Oneplus Nord CE makes it easy to handle all your email, IMs, and calendars with ease. Not only that, but the phone gives you access to Google Maps which helps you navigate through unfamiliar locations. With the HTC Sense 4.5, this gadget can even turn you into a travel expert with the use of its indoor maps which guides you to the nearest hotel, restaurant, or tourist attractions. Apart from the maps, the phone also provides you with a list of contacts and lets you reply to emails quickly and easily. In addition to this, the HTC Wildfire has an impressive eight MP front camera, which is just enough for those who want to take a few snaps before going out.

With the Oneplus 2 mini camera, users can take pictures of themselves, friends, and business colleagues at various angles. It can also be used as a standard camera or a smart phone camera depending upon your need. The advanced HTC Wildfire is equipped with a 12 MP resolution rear camera and features auto noise reduction, so you get crystal clear images every time. The intuitive user interface, excellent battery life, and numerous options under the HUD make the Oneplus Nord CE one of the best cameras available on the market today.