The Best Places to Eat Near CityWalk Apartments in Downtown Dubai

Living in Dubai has never been easy and with amazing offers like Dubai hotels and Dubai flights on offer, things are just getting better. But it’s always good to try new places and explore new experiences and if you are a foodie then these places are your lucky areas. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining and drinking.

If you are looking for the best places to eat near City Walk apartments for sale in Dubai, then you have the luxury of time and day to find out what you like. You are sure to come across many restaurants here that suit your taste. They serve cuisines from all over the world. Some of the most popular restaurants here include Italian Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Nepalese and Thai.

If you want a break from all the excitement that you are feeling, then you can try out the cafes in the area. These cafes usually open at 6am and close by midnight. The coffee that you get here is very strong and is known for its aroma. You can also try out some of the local dishes like kebabs and local juices. You can see locals enjoying their food in these places and if you like you can order something to go with your meal.

Market Street is an open air market that runs along the Dubai boundary. This area is bustling and filled with activity all the day. The market is divided into sections that are separated by dividers. You will get to see everything from knickknacks to antique items. The market is also full of clothes, household wares and electrical goods. It is here that you will find everything that you need for your daily cooking.

Bur Dubai on the other hand is known for being a place that is safe to shop around. There is a heavy police presence in this area and the prices in the market are also reasonable. Bur Dubai offers you cheap designer clothing, local produce and the latest gadgets. A bargain is a bargain and you will not have to spend a fortune on anything in this area.

De Young’s Market is a huge open air market that is located on the opposite side of Bur Dubai. This place is crowded with stalls selling things like cloths, shoes, garments and other products. You will find everything that you need for your home or for your everyday use in this market. The most interesting thing about De Young’s is that it has a wide variety of foods like local and international cuisine. The De Young’s market is also a great place to buy souvenirs, some of them being unique.

On the topic of restaurants, we will return to Bur Dubai. Bur Dubai is a place that is ideal for people who like to dine in restaurants. Most of the restaurants here offer an array of local and International cuisine. You can choose between restaurants that specialize in cuisine of only one country or cuisine of a mix of countries. Bur Dubai offers you some of the best restaurants that I have ever seen.

Finally we will turn to the subject of hotels. There are many five star and luxury hotels in this area that offer you world-class services. These hotels also offer you an easy access to all the nightclubs and entertainment centres. There are many five star Dubai hotels that have branches outside the city walls. They also offer easy access to airport, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Creek.

The above mentioned are just few of the best places to eat near CityWalk Apartments. If I was to mention some of the other good restaurants here, it would take much longer. The cuisine is exotic, and you would enjoy every bite. There is an array of hotels in this area and they offer great services. Once you are here, you won’t want to leave.

We can conclude by saying that if you are looking for a good place to eat, head down to Bur Dubai. You will find two restaurants, Tamblon and Moti Mahal on the ground floor. The ambience is quiet and you will be welcomed by friendly waiters. There is also a buffet line that offers you some of the best delicacies you would expect from a place serving quality Indian or Chinese food.

If we were to name the best places to eat near CityWalk, then Tamblon would definitely be in the top five. You can dine at the buffet line or sit at the counter and order your food. If you want to enjoy some amazing local fare, you can go to the second floor dining area. The high quality food served here is worth mentioning. So why not go and get penthouse for sale in Dubai?